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Our aim is to elevate your game with affordable and unique basketball shoes and casual shoes, where distinctive designs meet savings to ensure you stand out on the court and in life.

  • Basketball is my sport so I go through shoes pretty fast and I just like unique shoes that can stand out but they usually cost too much so I'm glad I could find these. They're obviously not in the same league as pros but they work.

    - Ashton M.

  • I am actually so glad that I found those tennis shoes rn. All my friends have that style of shoes but I'm not about to pay that much for smt like a shoe so this was a perfect replacement. Plus it doesn't have a logo on it so it doesn't look like it's a knockoff of smt. There's also a cute little quote which I didn't see.

    - Kaia L.

  • I got those purple ones and then the orange so they chill. I play basketball a lot and they've held up for 4 months now so I ain't complaining. They do the job and that's all I needed.

    -Dom S.

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